#POUCHWIN = #MOMWIN with Gerber® Smart Flow™

At the playground, a restaurant, and even our home, it seems like mealtimes are always messy! It doesn't matter if it's my 3 year old or my nearly 10 month old.. both leave trails of snacks or remnants from their meals behind them. With Gerber® new Smart Flow™ pouches, Mom or toddler can have control of how much they're eating or feeding from a pouch! The customized flow spout helps the good nutrition into their mouth equalling less on the floor! #POUCHWIN = #MOMWIN

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These on the go pouches are perfect to throw into my diaper bag to have on hand at the zoo, out while running errands, or even out on a lunch date with friends! There are a ton of delicious flavors and fruit and vegetable mixtures, we haven't found one Rowen doesn't like! Kudos to Gerber for making mealtimes less messy and Mom's everywhere happy!

Where to buy product:
You can find the new Gerber Smart Flow Spout at your local Kroger's or Martin's stores! With a variety of flavors and food combinations, your little one is bound to love it! Some flavors even come in 4 pack boxes!

Safe Cleaning with Bona Free & Simple

 Spring is in the air (although we had snow flurries just 2 days ago) and I am all about cleaning out and cleaning up! There is something so refreshing about a neat and clean home, and something that gets messy everyday is a whole lot easier to keep clean with Bona Free and Simple floor cleaner. 

Now that Rowen is mobile, anything on the floor is up for grabs. Which means I need to pay attention to detail and clean the floors more often. With Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, I know I'm using the best product not only for my hardwood floors, but also for my little ones feet and hands to be crawling all over. There are no added dyes or scents that are harmful to them and I love to know I'm using a safe and effective product for cleaning.

  • Nontoxic formula that is safe for the littles ones in your life and safe for our planet
  • Asthma and allergy friendly
  • Safe for wood floors
  • Greenguard Gold Certified 
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Peace, Love, & Pi

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Edwards Pies. As always, the review is my own personal experience with the product and is not edited by the Sponsor.

We all know that love makes the world go 'round, and sweet treats keep our littles ones happy! To celebrate national Pi Day, I decided to pick up an Edwards Desserts Pie and have a tea + pie party with my oldest. Hadley became a big sister over the summer and it's brought on changes and adjustments for everyone, but she's done such a great job. Often times when her little sister is napping I tend to rush around to take a shower or get house work done, but today I decided to do something a little different and the one on one time plus delicious pie was totally worth it!

Hadley was so excited to play with her tea set which was mine as a child and indulge in some chocolate deliciousness! It was good for me to take a step back, and soak up my sweet 3 year old. If anything, I felt like this day was helping me find peace within, peace in the middle of chaos - something we all need to have! So thank you Edwards Desserts for helping me help myself, and for making dessert so easy, convenient, and tasty!

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Giving A Personalized Gift

3 reasons I love giving personalized gifts:

  1. Unexpected. I love receiving personalized gifts which is probably why I love to give them! They are unexpected, and so thoughtful. When I've giving a personalized gift whether it be an engraved bracelet, embellished frame, DIY craft from the kiddos.. it always catches the receiver by surprise, and everyone loves surprises! :)
  2. Timeless. Personalized gifts are so great for dates like wedding dates or a birthday. Something with a date on it won't go out of style, it's a great keepsake that anyone would cherish. 
  3. Support small business. Shopping small is crucial! It's good for the small business owner and also good for our economy. I love to support shops that not only are small, but also local! It's so fun going to local craft fairs or pop up shops to see the talented business owners and creative artist in our local and surrounding communities! 

A shop I highlighted previously was Curly Willow Collections. Here is another great and personalized item from the shop, a keepsake pillow with our last name and anniversary! LOVE THIS! Vicki, the owner, is creative and always willing to work together to create the perfect customized gift.

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I'm Hooked on Veggies with Garden Lites

I love veggies, but more than that, I love sweets! We have a lot of treats in our household, but the vegetables are seldom, mainly because I'm the only one who likes eating them. I've always been a veggie lover, but my husband and my 3 year old won't come close to anything green. Actually, my 3 year old does better than he does haha! Veggies can be difficult to sneak into their diet, so when I was introduced to Garden Lites Muffins, I was ecstatic to try them myself & hide the veggies for my family members!

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The Ingredients
The first two ingredients on the ingredient label are vegetables! They are gluten free, dairy free, and nut-free and are packed with good foods like zucchini and carrots! They're also high in fiber and grains. I recognize and can pronounce everything on the ingredient list and that's always a good thing!

The Taste
But the best part of these healthy muffins, is that they don't taste like healthy muffins at all! They taste SO good, the chocolate is rich and sweet and the blueberry oat is fresh and delicious. I popped them in the microwave for breakfast and couldn't believe how tasty both flavors were! They taste just like "regular" muffins, without all of the other bad ingredients. These muffins will be a staple in our house from here on out, for breakfast with a cup of coffee, lunch, afternoon snack, or even before bedtime. They're also great for busy mornings or on the go, heat it up and take it with you!

Where Can You Find Them
I found my Garden Lite Muffins at Kroger! They can be found in the frozen section of your local Costco, HEB, Shop-Rite, Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, and Giant. I suggest buying in bulk, they don't last long in our house! CLICK HERE to find a store near you!

There are also other flavors like Carrot Berry, Banana Chocolate Chip (really want to try this one), and also fun ones for the kids like Ninja Power, and Chocolate Krabby!