Weekend Getaway - Your Marriage Is Worth It

This post is sponsored by Toyota but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Just a little over 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our 4th anniversary and Kory surprised me with a weekend trip to Tavarers, Florida! I was SO surprised and excited, this was a much needed weekend getaway to relax, eat good food, shop, and reconnect as a couple.

We flew out of South Bend and into the Orlando Sanford airport, and our Toyota RAV4 was waiting in the parking garage for us. We love Toyota, as we have a Toyota Sienna at home and it's the perfect family car, the RAV4 was the perfect getaway car for just the two of us. We had plenty of room, and loved all the new features like the automatic on/off bright lights for the windy roads of Mt Dora and Tavares.

I had major anxiety about flying without the girls, this was my first flight without them. Hadley is nearly 5 years old, and anywhere we've traveled has always been together. The days leading up to the trip I kept thinking worse case scenarios, and about all of the "what ifs" but I also kept reminding myself that God has us in the palm of his hand, and he cares about our safety. I don't want to live in fear, and I'm glad I was able to get over that anxiety and stress so we could enjoy this weekend getaway.

We stayed at my Dad's house, which is located on a private street on Lake Harris. No one was there, so the house was so quiet and relaxing! We enjoyed getting coffee daily, laying out, reading/listening to audiobooks, naps, and so much more. We went to the Mt Dora Seafood Festival which was SO GOOD. It's a shame Kory doesn't eat seafood. We ventured to Orlando and visited Disney Springs, where we shopped and enjoyed Ghiradelli ice cream. We also ate at a restaurant called Olive Branch in Mt Dora - highly recommend it. We had awesome drinks & food and listened to live music and went to an EPIC Theater afterwards, a super nice movie theater! We shopped at Target and TJ Maxx, and had to be extremely careful because we only took backpacks with us an no checked bags.. so the shopping was minimal.

It felt so good to enjoy each other's company without our girls around, we love them fiercely but time together is a MUST. Whether it's meeting up for coffee during the busy week at Starbucks for a half hour, figuring out a weekly date night, doing a book study together (we are currently doing the Love Dare Challenge), or a spontaneous weekend getaway - it's so important for your marriage. It doesn't have to be a trip to Florida to show your spouse you care, you can do that in your every day life at home (our book study is teaching us this). Give your spouse and marriage your heart and time, it'll be worth it. Enjoy each other, talk, invest in one another, connect, and grow together instead of apart. You'll never regret fighting for each other, but you might regret not.

Until next time Tavares 💛

A better look at the Toyota RAV4 - #DriveToyota #LetsGoPlaces

We were ready to head home on Monday and see the girls! My Father In Law had LINAC Stereotatic Radiosurgery the day we were flying home for Stage IV Lung Cancer. It was scheduled after Kory had already purchased our plane tickets (with no flight insurance) and I had already committed to a last minute partnership with Toyota, it was hard not to be there for the hour long procedure, but he did well and is doing great, so we are grateful that we still chose to spend our weekend in Florida ❤️

Make Fetch Happen - Our Favorite New Dog Toys!

This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We adopted our little Lucy just over a year ago, and we had no idea all of the tricks she had up her furry sleeves! For a cockapoo that loves to sleep and lounge, she loves to play fetch just as much! We joke around that she belongs in the circus, because of her ability to climb up the ladder of our playground and go down the slide. We were so excited when we partnered with Chuckit! to try out some awesome new toys!

We love our three Chuckit! toys because they enhance play time with our pup, and it is good for everyone to get outside and play. I think having a dog is so important for our family, and playing together is fun for the whole family.

There are three new toys that Chuckit! offers:

1. RingChaser - easy throwing motion (kids can play too)! Slobber free pickup, fast action, rolls & hops, comes in one size. See is here: RingChaser

2. Fetch Flight - EZ pickup, flexible flying flyer dog toy, easy grip for both dog, lightweight for all dog sizes, bright colors for visibility and easy to clean! See it here: Fetch Flight

3. Rugged Fetch Wheel - built to last through rugged, interactive play! The wheel floats, making it great for lake & water play, designed to roll on the ground which satisfies dog's natural chase instincts. Choose from bright orange or blue, this toy is easy to clean and fun for the whole family! See it here: Rugged Fetch Wheel

Buy now online or purchase in stores at select retailers. The RingChaser is available at PetSmart.

Solving Summer Mealtime Chaos

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We are so happy that summer is in full swing over here, it seems like we are constantly on the go and I wouldn't want it any other way! From art camp, to swim lessons, dance classes, and time spent with family and friends at the lake, we are spending all of our time on the go. When we get home from a full day, and neither my husband or I feel like cooking, we know we can pop a Red Baron frozen pizza in the oven and everyone will be satisfied!

For over 40 years, Red Baron Pizza has been helping parents solve mealtime chaos. Red Baron knows that a better crust makes a better pizza, and they have perfected their crust! It's not too thick but not too thin, with the perfect amount of crisp. The pizza is available in 11 different fan favorites from four cheese to chipotle chicken! The girls tend to like plain cheese, so if we're not making two, we'll just move whatever toppings are on it over so everyone gets what they want! Red Baron Pizza is one meal that everyone can agree on, and that makes dinner time nice and peaceful.

If we're heading to the lake for the day or weekend, we always want to have a few frozen pizzas on hand. We love that Red Baron Pizza is not only delicious, it's also affordable. They are a hit in the middle of the day when kids need a break from swimming and sunshine, just to get back out there and do it all over again!

We love you sweet summertime!