What you need & what to leave: A hospital bag checklist

Preparing your bag for possibly the biggest day of your life seems a little daunting. There are so many unknowns, you don’t want to leave anything out, but yet you don’t want to be rolling through the hospital with two ginormous suitcases. With our first daughter, my water broke before I even had a hospital bag packed or the car seat installed. I remember I had purchased a bunch or random stuff to take with us, like granny panties and what not, but didn’t even use half of the random items. Although I wasn’t prepared to answer questions about screenings or cord blood banking, or even who I wanted our pediatrician to be, I was surprisingly calm through it all and the plethora of information.

Our Everyday with Baby Dove

We have always been a Dove family in our home; I grew up using Dove products and was so excited when I saw the company announced their new baby line! Being a #BabyDovePartner meant having the awesome opportunity to introduce more Dove products into our home, and now into our children’s daily routines.

We’re a firm believer in schedules and routines, and although we can be flexible when needed, there’s nothing like being at home during bath + bedtime. Baby Dove products not only smell good, but they make our daughter’s skin feel good too. The girls get excited about bath time, and love pumping their own soap from the dispenser of Tip to Toe Wash.

Best Wood Floor Mop + Cleaner #Wonderfultogether

We are currently living in our second home, and in both our first and current home we have had beautiful hardwood floors. With great beauty, comes great responsibility. I found it so difficult to keep our floors clean! Add a second child into the mix AND a dog, and it seems 10x harder. I found myself trying different mops, soaps and cleaners, all of which always ended up getting left out or spilling out of the shoe closet or under our sink. I’m glad I the best wood floor mop duo, a mop + cleaner that are definitely better together. an all-in-one mop that is not only easy to use, but also easy to store!