Healthier Products, Happier Mama!

This morning I was laying in bed with my almost 4 year old when I told her I was going to go take a shower before her sister woke up. Hadley quickly replied, "Mom, can I take a shower with you?" If I say yes, I'll have to share the hot water with her (basically her getting to stand in the water while I catch a little on the side) and if I say no, she'll probably have her own waterworks of tears.

"Yes babe, of course you can."

Long gone are the days of long, relaxing showers. Because my showers are usually short and I only wash my hair every few days, I wanted to switch to a product that was not only better for my hair, but also made my quick showers a little more relaxing. When I had the opportunity to try out 
Everyone™, I realized that I can find an aromatherapy product at a friendly price.

  • Great for the whole family
  • Affordable
  • Available at your local Walmart
  • Made with plant based ingredients
  • 100% pure essential oils

The oils in the Balance shampoo + conditioner put me in a more relaxed state, which is a both a great way to start my day or, a great way to end it. I love knowing I'm using something safe for my body that is also a product the whole family can use, so when my daughter follows me in the shower, she can wash her hair just like mama :)

Keeping Your Home Stocked with Holiday Essentials

For our family, the holidays involve spending extra time with family and friends. We live close to the majority of our family members, but when our loved ones come in town from out of state, I want our home to be ready for visitors. It's important to stay stocked up on everyday essentials like toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, and paper towel - and having extras on hand ensures that you won't have to make a late night run!

Shopping at Walmart this season is practical for two reasons. The first, they offer free two-day shipping and the second, you can't beat their prices. The convenience of having something delivered in two days is so worth it this holiday season. You can avoid the traffic, busy store, and long lines and enjoy the convenience of ordering right from your phone.

When I picked up some essentials to prepare for my daughter's birthday party this weekend, I used the Walmart app to make sure my location had what I wanted and needed in stock. The app also tells you what surrounding stores have it, and what aisle it's located in. If I'm not using the free two-day shipping or the pick up in store method, I'm glad I can see the details of the location so easily. Something to also think about is the subscription service Walmart offers, which is a great way to save with each purchase and never run out of paper products!

Whether you're ordering online or picking up in-store, both options can have great savings (a definite plus during the holiday season)!

Find additional savings below:

Prepping Your Home for the Holidays with Bona

Oh the holidays... truly the most wonderful time of the year and probably, the most stressful. From budgeting for gifts to actually finding time to shop and wrap them, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Adding to my list this year is actually hosting some family at our home on Christmas day, instead of just planning on going to everyone else's! I'm excited yet nervous about keeping my home clean, especially with two littles running around who can make messes 5x faster than I can pick them up!

In an effort to be prepared, I tested out the Bona PowerPlus. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently I was able to clean my floors, and was impressed with how they turned out. Free of dust and sticky finger markings :) The Bona PowerPlus is the perfect floor cleaner to prepare your home for the holidays, as well as clean it after they are over! Experience 3x the cleaning action and let your floors sparkle!

The PowerPlus's oxygenated formula loosens dirt and removes heavy build-up and dirt, which makes for a deep clean without any extra effort.

Perks to the Bona PowerPlus:
  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to store
  3. Maneuvers well in tiny places
  4. 3x cleaning action advanced formula
  5. Affordable [would make a great Christmas gift for a new homeowner]!

Right after Hadley helped me clean the floors around the Christmas 
tree, we lost one of our few glass ornaments! We laughed, cleaned up the mess, 
and made sure the floors were shiny again with our Bona PowerPlus!

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Diaper Bag Must Haves With Desitin

I'm not a huge planner, or packer, by any means. I love to just be able to walk out of the door, and cross my fingers that I have everything I need in my bag or car (where random diapers and shoes seem to pile up). However, there are a few essentials that I always keep packed in my diaper bag. And today, I want to share those necessities with you! Whether we're running to the grocery store, or we're going away for the weekend, these are items that are with me always..or at least whenever my daughters are with me, which is...99% of the time :)

  1. Bottle of water - I always keep a bottle of water in my diaper bag, whether it's for me or one of the girls, it's just nice to have on hand. I don't always take the time to get a sippy cup and fill it with "fresh" like Hadley calls it, but having a bottle of water handy has saved me multiple times! Especially when we were supplementing with formula while Ro was younger.
  2. Diapers - no explanation needed 😆
  3. Diaper rash cream - I keep Desitin Maxium Strength Original Paste with me so that if I ever see a rash coming on, I can start treating it immediately without having to wait even a few hours to get home, or days if we're traveling. I can see relief just after one use and I can see my baby's mood changing as well! 
  4. Snacks - another no brainer. Full bellies = full hearts happy kids.
  5. Toys - I keep a couple fun activities/toys for the girls for backup. Whether we're at the doctor office for longer than expected, grocery shopping, or just at a friend's house, it's nice to keep their little minds and hands occupied!

After diaper changes it's playtime for Ro & Lucy.

For tips on preventing a diaper rash CLICK HERE
For tips on treating a diaper rash CLICK HERE

Easy Halloween Snack with Babybel Cheese!

We LOVE cheese in our house! When I came across these Halloween-themed Mini Babybel at Target, I knew Hadley would be just as excited about them as I was! They are perfect for school lunches, snacks on the go, and Halloween parties. We decided to make our own easy Halloween snack, a cheesy spider, and they turned out adorable. I think more than the actual snack, I just enjoyed spending time during Rowen's nap doing something fun with my big girl! She enjoyed unwrapping the cheese (good use of motor skills), breaking pretzels in half and sticking them in the cheese, and adding googly eyes. Mini Babybel cheese is 100% real cheese and a great source of calcium and protein.

What you need:
Mini Babybel
Pretzel Sticks
Googly Eyes (or chocolate chips)

What you do:
1. Break pretzels in half
2. Unwrap cheese
3. Stick pretzel halves in side of cheese
4. Add eyes

This snack was a perfect activity to do on a rainy day, and Hadley enjoyed sharing them with her friends who came over! 

Don't forget to visit your local Target to find your own Mini Babybel, and share with me what fun creation you make! Find deals through the whole month of October at Target!