for my dear friend joe

joe complained to me today that my blogs are too long and "deep" haha. so this blog will be about what i did today but starting with last night.. after i coached cheerleading, i babysat for new kids. however, they were sleeping the whole time so instead i hungout with two adorable puggles (pug/beagle). after not sleeping too well last night, i went to school. i took a test. i spaced out in my philosophy class like i do every time. i came home and fell asleep on my bed. i woke up and ate dinner and went to work. i spaced out more. and now i'm here. writing this. thinking about how funny joe is and how much he made me laugh today with his hyperness. not sure if that's a real word.

most exciting things that occurred today: i spilled coffee on myself walking into school, joe spilled mountain dew on me between classes, and i finally got to see my drawings from sophie.

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  1. This is a very good blog mal!!! ha love ya