my new 4 year old friend

It's not very often that I get to meet new friends that are children. I used to do this everyday and it was mandatory of my full time job in the wonderful world of Disney. I didn't only meet kids because I had to, I met them because I wanted to. Kids are great. They are interesting, entertaining, full of life, hilarious, sweet, and best of all, so completely honest. Last week when I was working at LOFT, I was standing near the entrance when a women came in holding an adorable little girl. I waved and smiled and the mother put the little girl down and in a very quiet voice I heard, "I want to go talk to her." Within seconds I knew that this girls name was Sophie. She's 4 years old. She loves the princesses (sleeping beauty and ariel are her favorite) and her best friend is her papa. Sophie and I talked for awhile, and then I got her some paper and crayons so she could color. As I started to get back to my work she said, "aren't you going to stay with me?" There was no way I could walk away now. Once again, a child captured not only my attention, but also my heart. My shift was near to ending, and I told Sophie I was going to have dinner with my Dad and she said,"..are you going to chic fil a? I like chic fil a. Well wherever you go, when you get done you have to come right back here." I assured Sophie that I would be back even though I knew I wouldn't. Later that night a friend who was working the closing shift text me and said Sophie left me something.

A few days passed before I was scheduled to work again. I got to work and before I knew it I was wrapped up in folding clothes and helping clients that I forgot to look for what Sophie left me. But before I knew it, the same friendly mother and adorable little girl were right in front of me. Sophie didn't remember me at first, but it didn't take long for her to say in excitement, "My friend! My friend is here!" The rest of the time Sophie and her mom were in the store, Sophie never left my side. She followed me all around and even hung out behind the counter. She asked questions about jumping and running, what my favorite number was, and if I knew how to rhyme. When my manager walked by and asked if this was the little girl that left me beautiful drawings, Sophie was first to answer and said, "Yep, that's me! Her best friend!" Sophie is 4 years old and she has the power to put a huge smile on my face. She truly loves life, and isn't afraid to talk to a complete stranger. When I think about the fears I had when I was little, it seems like by now they would have gone away. But really, I think as we grow older our fears only grow with us. Children can teach us lessons everyday, if we let them. It's important to let their imaginations fuel and inspire us. Sophie's world is simple. And I think we all need to be reminded of that lesson every once in a awhile.

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