that four letter word

Today in my last dance class of the day (choreography) I was taking some notes about our upcoming homework assignment. Without going into too much detail, we have to use a variation that we choreographed a week or two ago and add more to it. The piece involves walking, running, jumping, and hopping all with different movements and leaps or turns or whatever we want to add. When I started jotting down notes in my book, I accidentally wrote the word hope. I stopped for a second and just stared at this four letter word. I know that I meant to write hop, but for whatever reason my mind added an "e" to the end of it. This made me smile to say the least but it also made me realize how hope is one of the things I hold closest to my heart. Hope is something that keeps moving me forward, something that I never want to let go of. Maybe that "e" today wasn't an accident. Seeing that helped me remember that sometimes the answers we're looking for are closer than we think..and today my answer was that four letter word.

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