j210 design principles project

The following is my portfolio for my design principles 
project for my visual communication course. It consists
of ten images that I have taken either in the past, or 
recent, to demonstrate ten different design concepts. I had to 
turn this in electronically. Enjoy :)

This is a Figure-Ground Relationship. The piano
bench with the boy and man on it stand out against the
background of the image.
This photo is an example of Asymmetrical
 The flowers are set on the right side, which
show that the sides are unbalanced.
The various colors of blue and green in this image
make it an example of Cool Colors.

This is a photo that shows Warm Colors.
Warm colors are red, orange, and yellow.
This photo has the design concept of Chiaroscuro
because of the contrast between
the light and dark shades.
The parallel lines in this photo make this a One-Point
image. It has one vanishing point off
in the distance.
This is the design concept of
Apparent Movement. It appears that
this ride is in motion.
This is an example of Gestalt's 
Proximity.  If one of these leaves were 
missing, this would not appear to be in the 
shape of a heart. All of the parts make this 
into a whole.
The cross in the picture shows the 
design concept of a Symbolic Sign. 
The cross represents various religions.
This photo demonstrates Metonymic Code and 
Displaced CodeIn this picture the focus is 
on the wedding ring which commonly signifies
marriage between two people (first idea) so we 
understand that the women is married. The dog paw
causes us to assume the dog's love for the woman
which is the second idea. One main point with
another point brought in.


  1. This is really, really great.

  2. Thanks Lucas! Did some of the pics look familiar? You and Riv, the zoo, the fair, that walk we went on and found that cross, driving home from cedar point.... haha i'll never forget that night

  3. That night is for you, me, and the emergency room staff to know about.