slowing down

We all grow up too fast. I've been realizing this at different times this past week. One of which was when my oldest niece, who is in kindergarten, lost her first tooth. I can hardly handle the fact that she is in kindergarten..and now she is reading to me at bedtime when I babysit her and waiting for the tooth fairy. I remember the moment I learned I was going to be an aunt, but I never thought that the kids my family has been blessed with could possibly grow up this fast. Reagan, who is the youngest, turned 3 in December. She is full of personality and has the cutest little voice. She moved out of her crib and into a big girl bed this week. She and her big sis, Presley, share a bedroom and are best friends. River who just turned 4, decided he wanted to buzz his head, of course he looks adorable. But it's even cuter to hear how often he runs to the mirror and realizes that his hair is still gone. Each of them are so different, so unique and special and all four of them are absolutely beautiful, and when they are all together, it's quite the party. 

As I was saying, we all grow up too fast. Life seems to be moving at full speed a lot lately, and I just want to say, it's okay to slow things down. We should enjoy the big things just as much as we do the little. Really be thankful for our lives and the opportunities we are given in it. When they ask for just "one more bedtime story" let them have it. Cherish the moment when they ask you to snuggle and love the children in your life with all your heart. Life moves too fast, and before you know it they will be 21 years old and still snuggling in bed with you wishing they were in kindergarten again with no worries in the world (which is what I was thinking when I slept in my Mom's bed with her last night).    :)


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  2. You're heart is always so full and you are wise beyond your years. Keep sharing Miss Malory! I think your awesome! :)