Sweet Home Alabama

With drawing my attention to the past week, this post is all about my time in Gulf Shores. We ventured to Orange Beach to be part of something beautiful- to witness my sister marry the love of her life. So rewind about a year and half to the first time I met my sister's now husband.. Last Christmas break a few girlfriends and I went to Mr. G's so I could meet this guy. A little hesitant at first I was, but even in that first night you could tell just by the way Jamie looked at my sister that he was already enchanted by her. 

Now a year and a few months later, I sat watching my Dad walk Ali down the beach to find Jamie with that same look of enchantment and tears streaming down his face. Instead of spending the day at different appointments and driving around town like most brides do, Ali spent the day relaxing at the beach. We enjoyed a few Corona's and watched the wedding get set up. About two hours before 5:30 the start of the ceremony, we slowly trickled in to get ready.

Even with a couple little emotional meltdowns (not by Ali but by Pres & Reagan) everything seemed exactly right. I rode the elevator down with Ali, and people stared in amazement at the beautiful bride. We walked outside and and I got seated next to Jasmin. Jamie's parents walked down, then my brother Michael walked my Mom, Jamie followed with his two daughters in hand, and then my Dad with Ali came down walking to "I want to hold your hand".. it was perfect. In front of them were Presley and Reagan.. everyone giggled as P & R walked in a couple of circles not exactly knowing where to go :) With just family present and the beauty of God surrounding us, we watched and listened to these two people share their vows and become one family. The ceremony was so special, and completely intimate being right on the ocean. I'm proud to say that I not only have a new brother-in-law to welcome to our family, but two new nieces as well: Olivia and Ava. I am so happy for all 6 of them, and the beautiful life that they have started together. Thank you both for letting me be part in your special day.

After the ceremony there was amazing food, dancing, and laughing right there on the beach. As the sun set and evening broke, we all let loose a little and had a great time. As more people went inside, just a small group of us were left. With the tiki torches still lit, we continued to celebrate and shared stories as we sat in the sand. A real sweet home Alabama wedding.


  1. so awesome. congrats on ALL the new family additions. :)

  2. Gorgeous Mal, both your words and the video. So happy for your growing family, love to you all!


  3. So happy for your sister! You captured some great memories on that camera, Mal!