Musical Mission Tour

For the past couple months I have been staying busy with a program that I hold so close to my heart: Musical Mission Tour. In a nutshell, it's a week long mission trip. One that we take from South Bend all the way to NYC. We do mission work along the way, but we also perform a musical with a cast around 50 students in both middle and high school. The show is geared towards children, and always has a message that we hope the kids will grasp. We perform for day cares, YMCA's, children hospitals, Boys and Girls Clubs in the inner city, along with other non profit organizations. That's what MMT is in a nutshell, but in reality-it is so much more than this.

In the past week I watched 48 students perform "There's A Monster in My Closet" several different times at various locations on the road. Previous to this, I spent months with the other producers and two of my closest friends, watching the show during rehearsals and breaking it down to make it the best it could be. With all the stress of the production work (where are we going to sleep, shower, keeping track of payments, etc.) it was so easy to loose sight of the underlying reason why we do this year after year. Now that I'm home from the amazing and at times hard to describe week, I remember.

The message we teach is clear, the worship we have is amazing, the relationships we build are forever, but it's the love and affection we share with the children of these inner city's that mean the most to me. The kids we perform for are often intrigued by the show, the goofy dancing and costumes are always a hit. But what is most special, are the moments that follow. The moments where we get to hold a child in our arms until they are ready to let go. When we get to see their smiles, and realize that it's not about the personal satisfaction we get from helping others, but it's knowing that those who we've helped, have helped us.

This program is one of a kind, and I am truly blessed to be part of it. This year I got to share the experiences with my Mom who joined us on the trip as a chaperone. She is now part of the tour family and understands why I go back year after year. I'm so thankful for the memories we shared together, and the ones I made with the students and children along the way.

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