Home Sweet Home

I've been in Mexico for a week now, and although my initial thoughts weren't what I was expecting.. when I arrived in the city I'll be living in, Oaxaca, everything totally changed. We got here late last Saturday night, I couldn't really see what the city looked like, but I immediately fell in love with my host Mom. Right off the bat she welcomed us with hugs and kisses and made me feel right at home. The next day (Sunday) is when I fell in love with the city.

Going abroad was something I've always wanted to do. Although I thought I would be in Italy or Spain (there's always next year..) Mexico seems like just the perfect fit. I imagined studying abroad would mean diving into a beautiful culture and history of a city, and I can confidently say- that is what I'm doing every second of my day here. There is so much to learn about this place and so much to see. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to get to experience such a great opportunity, and want to soak up every moment of it.

In a nutshell the past week has gone like this: 9-12 Spanish class. 12-1 Conversation class. 4-6 History/Sociology. I have two roommates (Stephanie and Jeni) and we walk to school everyday together. It's a 30 minute walk and we make it 4 times a day which is 2 hours of walking! It's good that we are getting plenty of exercise because they sure do like to feed us here :) For lunch, the mother of our host Mom comes and cooks for us every day. I hope she gives us cooking lessons.. Marta is our host Mom. She is an absolute doll! She's an elementary school teacher so she is very patient with us and our Spanish. We eat dinner usually around 9 or 10 and it's always a small meal. It's always my favorite meal because Marta sits down this us and we just talk. We always end up laughing hysterically at something. We try to teach her English words. She has the hardest time saying Ketchup and it's so funny to listen to her try!

There is so much in the last week that has happened that's it's hard to choose what to write about.. we had tons of homework, went shopping a few times, spent a lot of time at the beautiful Zocalo (main square plaza), went out to eat in the middle of a field, visited Monte Alban today, made friends with Marta's nephews (Lalo & Moises) and they took us out last night with their friends, found myself in the middle of a parade called "Calinda", visited the Benito Juarez Mercado, ate many wonderful/ interesting meals, tried different Mexican drinks, seen amazing pottery,walked home in the pouring rain a few times, learned lots of new things, and have had many new realizations. I already knew the world was beautiful, but- there really is so much to see. Here's just a glimpse of my new world, and my home sweet home :)


  1. wow sounds like you're having a wonderful adventure! so glad you're getting to experience this :) i love you miss you too oxox Ali

  2. oh and i love you pictures too :)....ali

  3. I love your Oaxaca blog. Your pictures are wonderful. I had no idea you were studying so hard. sorry about that part. Take it all in, the month will fly by.