Second Thoughts

This was written yesterday during the day- I'm just now getting around to post it!

I’m currently sitting on a bus, leaving Mexico City and heading to the city of Puebla. I’ve been on this Mexico journey for over 24 hours now. So far my mind has been taken advantage by doubt, concern, curiosity, and laughter. There are so many funny things that happened or things I’ve witnessed that have landed these second thoughts in my head. I’ve had some excellent realizations that might come in handy if you are thinking of traveling abroad to Mexico or anywhere for that matter.

-When you’re packing for a month, don’t act like you’re packing for a month. That only ends with embarrassment at the size of your suitcase and a little shame.

-Don’t wear flip flops on days that you’ll be carrying a suitcase around that barely made the weight limit at 48.5 pounds. I think I have two almost broken toes.

-Do NOT assume that the normal bottle of TUMS will be more than plenty for a month’s stay in Mexico. 60 TUMS is going to wear out fast with these nonstop Mexican meals.

-When flying, wear a t-shirt, hat, or sign on your forehead that says “Do Not Disturb” just in case the person next to you can’t tell you’re sleeping even though your eyes are definitely closed.

-Leave expectations at home and only bring an empty mind when studying abroad. However, do try to recall the language that’s intended to be spoken unlike I have unfortunately done.

-When at a restaurant in Mexico, know that the sides are not like Hacienda’s. A side of guacamole means an entire plate and a side of rice and beans means two large plates. I don’t know what was more embarrassing, literally having 5 plates delivered to me or the fact that I dominated so much of it.

-Don’t try and take a siesta (nap) while taking a five hour drive to another city if it feels like you are driving on jagged pieces of rocks. Because when you open your eyes you will realize that you are in mountains, driving on jagged pieces of rocks.

-Try to remember that when using el bano, you take the toilet paper from the wall before you go inside the stall. If you forget, then hopefully tu madre is as great as Roma and packed you some of your own travel TP in your carryon. (Thanks Mom)

-Toilet seats don’t exist. I don’t know why but they just don’t here. Beware.

-When you’re at a rest stop, and you first hear an excessive grinding noise, then a pounding noise, don’t be alarmed. Just ask someone where the bus driver is and you’ll learn that he is just trying to fix the wipers to your completely cracked windshield before the rain comes in. What an idea.

I am enjoying myself. The first drive through Mexico City was a little terrifying. There is a great deal of poverty and sketchy-ness. But as we drove closer to our hotel, the real beauty of the city started to shine. The buildings are very colonial and the culture here is captivating. I got to walk around with one of my roommates last night after dinner. We were in awe of so many things, the people, the large amounts meat, the strange miniature doors, the way men stare at American girls and never stop. Things are different over here. From the food we eat, to the exchange of pesos, and even the fact that we need to put our room key in the wall to have our lights on. Things are different, but they really are neat. It’s been a day, and although I wasn’t expecting to feel out of my comfort zone, I’ve already found myself hiding there.

I’m not surrounded by people I know. This isn’t like MMT where I’m with uplifting friends all day long or close to family. I don’t have those things, but I do have culture, history, and beautiful creations so see. Being this alone is out of my comfort zone. I’ve never gone anywhere for this length of time by myself. And I think and hope that this is where I’ll grow the most. Of course I want my Espanol skills to grow, but more than anything, I want to grow as an individual. So maybe I encountered some second thoughts along the way-but even with those in the mix, I’m pretty sure I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be :)

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