[ a reason to anchor ] - back to blogging

Recent events in my life have lead me to the desire to start blogging again, or writing again for that matter. I love to write, and as my life fills up with tasks like picking out paint colors to scheduling doctors appointments, I've decided that I want to have a little place (a cyber-space) to indulge in whatever topics I feel worth writing about.

I'm in a transition phase of my life where big things are happening. Let me tell you that they are all good, exciting parts of life, but everything does seem to be moving at a fast pace. Four years ago I was starting my first semester in college and now I am a college graduate applying for jobs, buying a house, and expecting a little one with my best friend and love of my life in December [yes - a Christmas baby!]. Like I said, all BIG things!

Last week I took a drive up to one of my favorite places, Diamond Lake, to visit with family and have some good reflective time to myself. I was thinking about writing and blogging again and the purpose that it would serve and I came to the conclusion that its sole purpose is just to give me an outlet. A place I can share ideas, accomplishments, feelings, and store memories, pictures, write letters to our sweet little lovey, and keep some sort of journal of my fast moving life. A place I can share how long it took me to decide on a color for the nursery or complain how my DIY Pinterest project epically failed. A place where I can share the happy moments & the hard times in hopes of regaining my spirits and remembering why we're all here in the first place.

My blog used to be called "Sweet Silver Lining" and I decided to change that. I wanted a name I could connect with and that made sense with where my life is now. A year ago if you would have asked me what I want to be doing in a year I would have said living in another country, however, the past year certain events have taken place in my life that have given me a reason to anchor. A reason to believe that I'm not meant to be living across the world and that I'm anchored right where I'm supposed to be. I've been completely & utterly blessed with a reason to anchor, and that's what I plan on writing about :)

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