showered with love (& lots of pink)

A few weeks ago, Kory & I were blessed with two baby showers in one weekend. Having two showers in one weekend was a bit overwhelming but completely worth it. Both of our sisters who live out of town were able to be there along with other family & friends. The weekend meant the world to us and not because we were completely spoiled with gifts but because  we felt so much love and support from people we truly care about. All the details of the showers made the weekend that much more special. From the games we played to the mimosa bar, it was a time enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who was involved in prepare for the showers and to everyone that came & joined in on the fun of celebrating our little girl to be.

We are in our final six weeks of this journey and can't wait to start the next one with our little girl in our arms. We talk about and wonder all the time what she will look like, how squishy her cheeks will be, how kissable her lips will feel & so on. But in all honesty, we have no idea how precious this gift is we are about to receive. We constantly prayer for her, that she grows up to have a heart for the Lord and a constant desire to grow closer to him. We pray that she is born with a gentle and kind spirit, and that she is kind to the world although the world may not always be kind to her. We love her so much already.

"To the ends of the earth & the bottoms of the sea, to the moon & back times infinity. We love you our sweet, sweet, baby."                         (our special little saying for our special little girl).

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