Introducing Hadley.

As the year 2013 has come to an end and a new year has begun, I will always look back and remember how the year 2013 forever changed me. How November 30th changed me.

Hadley Parker LaBonne was born on that day. Although her due date wasn't until December 14th, she apparently didn't want to wait that long and I'm so thankful she didn't. Kory and I got two extra weeks with the most perfect little girl who has stolen our hearts.

The day after Thanksgiving felt like any other day. Between work, going to pick out Christmas trees with my family, and hanging out with Kory's family in the evening, there wasn't anything abnormal about that day. However, late in the evening around 10pm or so, my water unexpectedly broke. Completely calm and insanely excited, Kory and I packed are bags (yes, we hadn't done that yet) and headed to the hospital.

There are a hundred details I could share about that day, the next, day, and the few days in the hospital that follow. Someday I'll share all of the details of her birth story with her, but for now, I'll just share the basics :) Our labor and delivery was an amazing experience. Kory was the best support system. Always there to hold my hand, read me scriptures from the Bible that a dear friend had given me for support, and was by my side to help me believe I could do this. Our nurse was heaven sent. I'll never forget Anita, and I hope we have a life long friend with this woman who is completely passionate about her job and bringing babies into this world.

We arrived at Memorial Hospital around midnight that Friday. I had no contractions and was in zero pain until the next morning when I was put on pitocin to help the process. Then the fun began (not). That night in the hospital I tried my hardest to fall asleep and let my body rest before what it was about to endure, but it felt like Christmas Eve. It felt like I was going to be receiving the best gift the next day, and I did.

After the IVs, the contractions, the epidural, the vomiting, the pushing, and other nameless not-so-fun aspects of labor, we met our little girl at 3:50pm on Saturday, November 30th. Hadley was a dream come true. Born with blonde hair, a squishy face on her smaller 6 pound 8 ounce frame, the most kissable lips you'll ever see, and her undeniably beautiful face. I'll never forget seeing her for the first time and crying with joy. I had looked forward to this moment for so long and it was finally here. Kory and I cried and cried with full hearts.

The next couple days in the hospital are a complete blur. Between visits from family and friends, rounds of medicine, trying to rest, meeting doctors, paperwork people, etc., and all of a sudden it was time to pack up our perfect little baby and take her out into this world. We. Were. Terrified. While in the hospital we had a call button. We could call a nurse at anytime of the day and we did. We loved having them right there when we needed them. At one point Hadley had the hiccups but Kory was so concerned and just wanted to double check that she was okay so we called one of the nurses in. They probably thought we were crazy but we didn't care. Now we had to leave this safe place and take Hadley home. I remember getting all packed into the car and driving away. Kory was maybe going 2mph with Hadley now in the car. I remember how surreal it felt. I remember pulling into our house and just sitting there for a minute in the quiet car while Kory and I reflected and thought about the adventure that was ahead of us. He told me he loved me and we took our precious little peanut inside.

It's a scary thing, bringing a baby into this world. In the same moment Hadley fills our hearts with love and adoration she breaks them with her innononce and purity. The love we have for her is indescribable and we thank God every day for giving us such a beautiful gift.


  1. Honestly brings tears to my eyes. Those moments are so precious and as your children grow, way too fast, you will always have these beautiful memories.

  2. Gammy Jan. 8, 2014January 8, 2014 at 11:58 AM

    This precious little angle's birth is just the beginning of so many other wonderful and blessed days, months and years that are ahead of her and your family!