Hadley 4-6 Month Update

I can't believe how quickly the rest of the new year has come and gone! We are already knee high by

Hadley- you have changed so much within the past few months. I wish I could pause every moment and just soak it all in. You are such a joy to everyone you are around and you are unbelievably beautiful. Your personality is starting to shine more and we can’t help but fall in love deeper without you by every passing day.

Time seems to be moving even more quickly but I still want to try and document what I can about the past few months. Here are the notes I have J

4 months:
You weigh 13.5 pounds! Which means you have nearly doubled your birth weight! We put you in your exersaucer for the first time. Even on the lowest setting your feet still didn’t touch. One of the first few times you were in it you fell asleep! It was so cute & precious. You had your first Easter and received 5 Easter baskets full of goodies! We spent your first Easter going to church, having a cookout with G-Pa, Gammey, Ky, Syd, Dad, and I. Then we went over to Grammie’s house for more food and also went over to the Del Pilars for a bit. You looked so sweet in your yellow Easter dress! We learned that you love the song and video “Let it go” from Frozen.. and when nothing else will calm you down this always works.  When you were 4 months old you also went on your first vacation! You didn’t love the plane rides but you did better then other babies on the plane J Your first vacation meant swimming for the first time and you experienced being on Disney property! You dressed in your first Cinderella costume and I think you loved it (I may have enjoyed it a little more). We can’t wait to take you back next year! You also had your first sleepover at Grammie’s house.. I stayed with you there! When you were 4 months we also transitioned you to your crib. This was extremely hard, I missed having you next to me. But you LOVE your crib now.

5 months:
At 5 months you rolled over for the first time! I was so happy that I was sitting next to you, and I was able to start recording at mid-roll. Auntie KyKy was also there! At 5 and a half months we started to introduce to you some solid foods! You first tried pureed avocado. The faces that you made were priceless. We slowly introduced other foods like sweet potatoes, prunes, and bananas.  Although you were still wobbly, you started sitting up on your own. We found out that you LOVE Mickey Mouse Club.  We celebrated my First Mother’s Day and you made me an awesome gift with your footprints! You had your first lake day at Diamond on Memorial Day and also had your first sleepover with your buddy Lovelyn! You found your piggies at 5 months and they have become your new favorite friends! You love to put them in your mouth and show off your flexibility!

6 months:
HOW are you half a year old? Where has the time gone? We have so cherished every moment spent with you. We celebrated your half birthday with pink cupcakes, a birthday hat, and a couple new toys! At your 6th month appointment you weighed 16.4 pounds and were 27.5 inches long! You perfected sitting up at 6 months and love being able to sit and play with your toys. You went on your first boat ride with Baw Paw on the Duffy up at the lake. You had your first kiss with a boy named Landon (shame on your Auntie Kylie) which nearly gave your Daddy a heart attack. We also celebrated Daddy’s First Father’s Day. We took adorable pictures of you in your overalls holding letters that spelled out D-A-D. He loved it so very much! You also tried puffs & mum mums and loved both. You are eating more and more baby food, and growing so big! Daddy is home for the summer and you’ve started staying home with him while I go to work. He loves the time with you.

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