you had me at pumpkin spice

Fall is in the air! Well, not really. It was 80 degrees today. But if your children wake you up early enough and you step outside to let the dog out or wave goodbye to your husband, you get to enjoy the cool, crisp, fall-like mornings we've been having in Northern Indiana. I don't do either of those things because we no longer have a dog [another day, another blog post] and my husband leaves way too early for me to get up and see him off, but on occasional I'm up early enough to enjoy the cooler temps. I absolutely adore spring & summer, but always look forward to the next season. And fall brings great things:

1. Fall home decor. I jumped the gun & started decorating a little early this year but when you think about it, Halloween is next month so it seems plenty appropriate to decorate in September. With Home Goods opening this Sunday (the 18th) I'm sure I'll be doing some more decorating soon. When I first pulled out some of our holiday stuff, Hadley kept saying, "Mom I decorate too!" She had so much fun putting pumpkins in all of our bedrooms.

2. Cozy sweaters. Navy, mustard yellow, & neutrals. Can't. Wait. I'm on the market for a wrap sweater or two like shown below. Perfect for nursing. I'm all about convenience & comfort.

3. PSL. I'm not entirely sure what's in them, and I don't really care to know, but they are just delicious. All of Starbucks seasonal drinks are. If your budget doesn't allow a daily or weekly Starbucks treat, than be sure to checkout the Via Instant. They are super easy to make, just mix a packet with 8oz of hot water & can be found in the coffee aisle at most stores. If you want to make it extra delicious, use a frother! I've been using the IKEA milk frother, it's a gem & is under $3. Right now Starbucks has a promotion if you load your Starbucks app with Visa checkout, you get a free $10 credit towards your account. Yay, free coffee!

4. Leggings.. I've missed them terribly the past few months. I hate shaving my legs & can't wait to hide half my body in comfy black spandex. I tend to buy new leggings every year because I wear them so often & they get pretty worn. I think I have an entire drawer devoted to them but hey, remember what I said about comfort? It's key! Cable knit, seamless, faux leather, fleece lined.. the possibilities are endless! I love these black leggings with a lattice ankle design. Pair the leggings with this adorable graphic tank. I have this & love it!

5. Harvest activities with friends & family. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, craft & bake sales. Corn mazes, haunted houses, street fairs, the list goes on! This fall I'm hoping to have a day-date to a winery near by & go as a family to the Zoo Boo & Zoo Brew [just the parents]! There are a ton of fun activities are community is having in DTSB, the Zoo, local libraries, and more. 

Pumpkin picking '14

Apple picking '15

We're heading out to the Orchard tomorrow so stay tuned!

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