Let Them Be Little

Last Friday, our best friends and myself and the girls, had big plans! We were going to go to a large pumpkin patch in Michigan called Amazing Acres. We had both heard so much about it, and people had been boasting about how fun it is and all of the activities they have for kids. Taylor and I were ready, the girls were pumped and looked adorable for their pumpkin patch photos, and we were off! As we were only a few minutes away, we found out they didn't open until 4pm [it was barely noon]. UGH! Why did they have such weird hours? We were SO bummed + frustrated! The weather was so perfect and the girls were so excited for an adventure at the patch.

I told Taylor we could keep driving and head up to my Mom's cottages. I reassured her my Mom wouldn't mind at all and I had no idea if she was home. So we kept driving and made our way to Diamond.. my favorite place in all the land. As soon as we got out of the car Taylor kept saying how beautiful and peaceful it was up there. We decided to throw a blanket down, and just hang out for the entire afternoon. The girls had a blast and it was so nice to just hangout without an agenda. We let them get in the lake with their clothes on, dig for seashells and rocks, play in the sand and get filthy, run around and do whatever their little hearts desired to do, we let them be little.

We didn't have an extra change of clothes, we didn't have swim diapers or a bag full of toys. I forgot baby wipes and Taylor forgot water cups but we made do. We just had the simplicity of the world around us and it's beauty. It was so nice to be so carefree and let the girls PLAY. I took these photos, they were all completely candid. I never asked the girls to pose or smile, I just caught them in the moment - exploring & enjoying life.

It was a good day that left us with sandy feet, suckers from Grammie, and sleepy babes.

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  1. Oh my gosh they're too precious! Seems like a fun day!