Shopping Made Easy with Binxy Baby

Something that I stand by with mama gear is convenience & comfort. These things are SO important to me, I like to get out of the house often, and I like it when things are easy and stress-free. [Even with the best gear, when your toddler is having a meltdown or your newborn is crying out of hunger... it still gets pretty stressful] but there are certain products that just make life easier, especially when you have more than one child in the mix.

Binxy Baby is a patented shopping chart hammock. Is it designed to fit infants all the way to 6 months old or roughly whenever the baby is sitting up unassisted. It can be used in two different ways: An infant car seat can be placed on the hammock and strapped in for safety, this is perfect if your child is already asleep when you arrive at the store, or your child can lay comfortably on the hammock and buckled in.

By the end of the trip this girl was out cold!

I love my Binxy hammock because it gives me so much more room in the shopping cart compared to when I place the carseat inside the cart and I'm trying to strategically place groceries all around the car seat. Even when I run into the store for a couple things thinking I'll have enough room with her car seat in the shopping cart, I end up resting a loaf of bread on her belly and laundry detergent shoved in by her feet. Another reason I love it, is because Hadley can sit in front of the shopping cart and Ro can lounge in the hammock. It really makes shopping so much easier! The hammock itself is small and can fold up into your diaper bag or a purse and it fits most standard shopping carts. Shopping made easy!

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  1. That looks really interesting! I used to use the car seat this looks so much easier!

  2. That is so cool! I don't think those were a thing when my girls were babies (which isn't THAT long ago) and if they were I never saw them! So cool