The Kindness Boomerang with Mama Said Tees

"Just like a boomerang, kindness comes back around!"

I am so excited to be part of "The Kindness Boomerang" a project started by Mama Said Tees. Every package sent from Mama Said Tees will include a kindness challenge, the challenge has clear instructions on what to do, and how to pass it on. The point is to keep the boomerang going, but to teach that anyone can perform any act of kindness at anytime!

We received the cutest tees from this favorite shop of ours, and the next day I completed my challenge. 

I was nervous while doing my act of kindness, worried that someone was going to catch me and I wanted it to be anonymous! 

Thankfully I snuck out of the bathroom before someone using it walked out of a stall and before anyone new came in! Watch the video below to see my immediate reaction after completing the challenge and check out this adorable shirt [they even sent sent the girls matching ones!] . . . 

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To keep the boomerang going, I challenge my buddies Brittany, Abbey, and Ali!

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