27 Things I've Learned in 27 Years

This morning I woke up thinking about what I wanted to share on my birthday, asking myself, what could I write about? I decided to share some things I'd like to think are valuable lessons I've learned in the last 27 years. In writing this, I found myself switching out one lesson with another, and not having enough "years" to share as many lessons as I thought of. I'm glad I'm not older, but I'm also glad I have more to say than just 27 things, but for now, 27 will do:

1. A dog really can be your best friend.

2. No one can prepare you for the change your heart will encounter when you become a mom. And your heart will triple in size when you see your first born become a big sibling.
3. Don't eat ice cream in the closet. And don't leave it in the closet for 3 days.
4. There's nothing like a big family. Spoil your nieces & nephews. Double or quadruple date with your siblings. They are your life long best friends.
5. Don't let someone's past predetermine your future. And learn from others mistakes {as well as your own}.
6. Don't cry over spilled milk... unless it's breast milk.
7. You are bound to have some regrets, I know I do. But try to remember that at one point in your life you were just doing what you thought you wanted or needed to do. Accept grace and give grace.
8. Your children love you, more than you will ever know. I know this because even when I need to call a timeout in parenting and step away, Hadley is still calling for me. She is still crying for me even after getting in trouble. She wants my constant attention and she needs my affection and I am more than okay with that, even when it's exhausting.
9. If you steal your sisters clothes, don't hide them for years and then forget you have them.
10. Happiness is a state of mind and you can choose it. We have the ability to choose happy daily, so don't let yourself believe someone else or something else will make you happy.
11. It's okay to ask for help. Ask others to pray for you and return the favor.
12. Take a risk, even if no one around you is. When I was 18 and all set to study at Miami of Ohio but deferred and went to Disney World instead, I had no idea what I was doing. I went on a completely different path than my peers and had the best time of my life & spent a year with the love of my life, Paige Christine MacLean Stamos.
13. A little mascara and dry shampoo can turn any day around. Keep those items close, they will save your soul {and appearance} on tough days.
14. Be grateful for your parents and talk to them often, more than likely they have done a lot for you, so as they grow older it's our turn to return all of the favors and love.
15. Don't hold onto everything that's tangible. It's okay to let go. Just pick your favorite mixed CD, your favorite snow globe, favorite hoodie, and your favorite keepsake or two from your childhood. Everything else will take up space. Less is more.
16. Don't paint your nails before bed. No further explanation needed.
17. Stay a little later and watch the sunset.
18. Don't just take pictures, print pictures.
19. TRAVEL as much as you can and wherever your life takes you. I've seen a petrified waterfall, ate fried grasshoppers, climbed the ruins, swam in a natural spring, taken part in an electrocution circle at a bar in Mexico {another day another story}. I've left a piece of me in orphanages in other other countries. Travel & give. Give your time and talents and love to others who need it. {And thanks to my Mom & Dad for always supporting me in my travel endeavors. You guys have always been my biggest fans.}
20. It's okay to laugh at people when they fall, just make sure they're okay first and if you're already laughing too hard move quickly so they don't see you.
21. Cook your husband dinner. And when you burn it, order pizza.
22. Loving Jesus will make a difference in your life. I live a rich life because of His promised blessings and goodness.
23. The holidays are to be fun, memorable, and celebratory. Don't make memories by stressing out about seeing & pleasing everyone. Do what's best for your family {especially if you have little ones}.
24. Find friends that suit the chapter of life your in and cherish them, keep the old ones close.
25. Eat donuts and cake for breakfast, more than just on your birthday.
26. You cannot reason with a 2 year old so pick and choose your battles wisely.
27. Life moves quickly. Make it count. Sometimes I get anxiety when I think about how I'm closer to 30 than I am 20. Or when I think about how my oldest {still weird to say daughters - as in plural} daughter will be THREE this month. Or that my newborn is all of a sudden 3 months old. So when Hadley is calling my name and I'm folding laundry or putting the dishes away and she says, "Mommy do you wanna have a picnic?" And she has a paper napkin opened up on the kitchen floor and she's asking me if I want to join her? I don't even hesitate. Of course I want to. I have the picnic, everything else can wait.

Cheers - here's to year 27!


  1. "I have the picnic, everything else can wait." LOVE this line!

  2. #27 is my absolute favourite. Happly birthday!