Keep Your Floors Clean with the New Dyson V8 Cordless

Thank you to Dyson for sponsoring this post. As always, my reviews are my own personal experience with the brand and are not edited by the sponsor.

Having a good vacuum is SO important, especially if you have littles in your house. I'm constantly finding a cracker stepped on down the hallway, paper ripped up on the floor, chip spills, craft messes under the kitchen table.. the list goes on. Having a good vacuum will make the job of cleaning so much easier. I don't mind vacuuming at all, but in order to really not mind it, you have to have one that does the job right! 

If you're looking for an item to add your Christmas List, the Dyson V8 Cordless is it! I was so excited to try this cordless vacuum and I was completely impressed! The vacuum is loaded with tons of features, and it has easily become our everyday go to vacuum. Below I've highlighted some of it's features:
  • Cord free
  • Up to 40 minutes suction
  • Easy to access wall charging dock
  • Can be used as a hand held vacuum (perfect stairs, furniture, and car)
  • Lightweight and easy to lift
  • Easy to empty compartment

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