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We recently got our hands on some awesome Nuby products! I'm constantly on the look out for new products and cups to try for Hadley. Whether we're spending the entire day at home or we're heading to the park or to run groceries, I try to always have water for her on hand! As she's approaching 3 years old, I want her to get away from the typical sippy cups, and start using regular cups. There are times at home she will drink out of a regular kid's cup, although at times that ends in spills and tears, but when we tried out these Nuby products we realized they were the perfect transition!

Wonder Cups
These easy to grip cups are the easiest, next step to open cup drinking. It's the perfect way to learn how to drink from the edge of a glass, without causing a frantic spill or mess! The 360 Wonder Cup allows your child to drink from any side of the rim, making the transition to open cup drinking easier. Lip pressure allows for liquid to released, so whoever is drinking can control the flow rate. Plus, the clever spill proof seal that is ultra-hygienic! For a chance to win your own Nuby 360 Wonder Cup, head over to my Instagram Giveaway.

Available at Babies R Us stores and online CLICK HERE

Nuby Snack n' Sip
This new product holds 9oz of liquid and 4.5oz of snacks in one container. Perfect for on the go! The no-spill flexible straw is easy to use and easy to wash! The sealing lid keeps snacks inside which means less mess! 

Available at Babies R Us stores and online CLICK HERE

Hadley's not sure about sharing her snacks with her buddy.. we'll work on that!

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  1. These look like great cups!! I might need to try them