New Year - New Organized You

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Like most others, every time the New Year rolls around I think of some changes I want to make. And after 21 days go by, those new changes or habits are engraved into my daily or weekly routine. JK - I wish it was that easy for me! I'm not one to stick with change or goals, and that's nothing new. I still remember a couple of the my New Year's goals from last year, and I can honestly say that I didn't really accomplish any of them. My wheels have already started turning about 2017, and what changes I want to make in my life. Maybe in the past my goals have been unrealistic and unattainable, or maybe, and more likely, I've just been lazy. 

One change I want to make in the 2017 is organization - in every aspect of my life. From day to day activities to my closet, I want to feel like I have more control and that starts with not being overwhelmed with both my schedule, or my stuff. I'm going back to the basics and want to get in the habit of using a daily/weekly/monthly planner. I may not always fill out every single day, but even using it weekly or monthly to fill in our schedules would be progress and a huge success. Day Designer is a company that offers a simple and easy organizational system for the SAHM, college student, corporate Mom, world traveler, or anyone who wants to have a handle on their to-do lists, notes, and plans. The company boasts of fun classic prints and colors, helpful inserts, leather binders, and more.

Day Designer admits that their planners aren't magic, they can't live their lives for you, but they can help you live a more balanced life and aide you in finding your focus for living a more intentional life. 

The company offers fun classic prints and colors, helpful inserts, leather binders, printables and more. Start your New Year with a beautiful new planner, and you might just see some of your resolutions lasting longer than a week... I hope that's the case for me! 

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