#POUCHWIN = #MOMWIN with Gerber® Smart Flow™

At the playground, a restaurant, and even our home, it seems like mealtimes are always messy! It doesn't matter if it's my 3 year old or my nearly 10 month old.. both leave trails of snacks or remnants from their meals behind them. With Gerber® new Smart Flow™ pouches, Mom or toddler can have control of how much they're eating or feeding from a pouch! The customized flow spout helps the good nutrition into their mouth equalling less on the floor! #POUCHWIN = #MOMWIN

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These on the go pouches are perfect to throw into my diaper bag to have on hand at the zoo, out while running errands, or even out on a lunch date with friends! There are a ton of delicious flavors and fruit and vegetable mixtures, we haven't found one Rowen doesn't like! Kudos to Gerber for making mealtimes less messy and Mom's everywhere happy!

Where to buy product:
You can find the new Gerber Smart Flow Spout at your local Kroger's or Martin's stores! With a variety of flavors and food combinations, your little one is bound to love it! Some flavors even come in 4 pack boxes!

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