Love and Learning with Lamaze Toys

We have a love for Lamaze Toys in our home. The toys feature fun patterns, a variety of textures, bright colors, sounds, and are engaging for both babies and children. The toys are baby loved, and science proven & they make the most out of playtime! When we opened a box from Lamaze Toys the girls both wanted in on the fun!

Lamaze toys are designed with every stage and age in mind, keeping a baby's development in mind. Find the latest Lamaze Toys on Amazon, only for a limited time!

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We love the bright colors on Octotunes and the big friendly face, Rowen loves to point to the big eyes. All eight tentacles have different patterns and textures, and when squeezed a different music notes plays. This makes for fun music playtime, strengthening of muscles, and promotes healthy eye development!

Waddling Wade
This fun toy engages all senses, the bright patterns attract little fingers and eyes! The toy also features a clip, making it a great on-the-go toy. Whether it's a carseat, diaper bag, or stroller, it's the perfect toy to take along for fun! Pulling on the feet will help teach cause and effect, the duck's feet vibrate and waddle and his tail can be squeezed to hear him quack!

Cosimo Concerto
This soft zebra features colorful keys that play music notes, Hadley loves to press different colors and make music and Rowen loves the colors and textures. The box also features the color pattern to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, one of Hadley's favorite songs! This is the perfect toy to grow with every age and stage of your child!

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