Rowen's Baby Book with Artifact Uprising

Baby books: Indefinitely important, yet habitually procrastinated.

At least that is the case in our home. I can barely find the time to match socks, how am I supposed to find the time to work on my daughter's precious baby books. The pages that hold their stats, milestone dates, memories and moments that mean the most to me? Time is fleeting, and it is so easy to forget those valuable moments, even when you think you'll remember something forever, somehow - the memories can fade. When I came across Artifact Uprising, I was so intrigued by the simple, timeless design of their books. They boast of high quality and are beautifully modern. They are designed with busy parents in mind, and when you order an Artifact Uprising book, like The Story of You shown below, it comes with everything you need to get started with storing those funny stories, stats from the doctor, and all sweet moments in between.

The ease of documenting the moments encourages us, or me a Mom, to document them along the way, instead of playing catchup in a couple years... or 18 before their graduation party. The book focuses on daily moments, and not just typical milestones. The prompts are open-ended, so it's okay if you can't remember a specific date something occurred on. When I look back on the moments I remember, it's not the date that's important, it's the memory and the way it made me feel. Proud, happy, sad, overcome with joy, loved.

With Artifact Uprising storing the timeless memories is easy and enjoyable. Document life everyday, and your child's everyday life effortlessly. Also, ordering the perfect size prints is simple on their website and they get shipped right to your door. With the book, prints, and the pen and adhesive strips, you're ready to get started upon delivery. It's also easy to keep the supplies right in the box, making it convenient when you want to jot something down instead of trying to find everything you might need to get started. As my girls get older, I would love to involve them in documenting their baby books. Like my girls, the books are truly a treasure. One that will be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.

To receive 10% off your purchase, use the coupon code, THESTORYOFYOU10 
*offer expires 10/31/2017

Love the photos on such high quality cardstock.

Reading over the sweet pages. 

A few details:
  • The Story of You baby book is the first product from Artifact Uprising that is customizable after purchase.
  • The book is bound with 4 mental rings, making it easy to change the order or remove certain pages.
  • Includes print credit for your first set of Everyday Prints (1 set is 25 prints).
  • Upload prints via the mobile app, and get them delivered to your door. Your phone is a great way to take photos and document throughout the day.
  • 100 pages, 50 individually sheets
  • Premium fabric cover
  • Holds 47 everyday prints
  • Available in four colors 

To receive 10% off your purchase, use the coupon code, THESTORYOFYOU10 

*offer expires 10/31/2017

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