Learning to be OK with Supplementing while Breastfeeding

I have been so blessed to be able to nurse both of my girls until they were about 9 months old. I didn't have a strict goal in mind, I just wanted to do what was best for them. However, during our breastfeeding journey, I also learned that I needed to do what was best for me - and that there was nothing wrong or selfish about that.

My main concern was providing the "liquid gold" during the harsh fall/winter months when so many germs are being passed around, and I'm grateful we were able to do that. Both of my experiences with each of my daughters was similar, but also had their differences. With Hadley I relied heavily on the nipple shield, and Ro was able to latch with out it instantly. We started to introduce a bottle right around one month with both of them, so that my husband could feed them and we could have a sitter when we were ready for it. Around the 5 month mark, I decided to start supplementing with formula. At first I was down about it, why wasn't I producing enough? I took supplements, drank the tea, called a lactation consultant, upped my pumping game, and even visited my OBGYN in hopes of some guidance or help. However, sometimes our bodies just do their own thing, no matter how hard we try to do the opposite. 

Supplementing with formula was the best decision for me at that time of our journey. There was doubt and guilt, but I learned that ultimately I was doing the best decision for me, both physically and mentally, and that would be the best choice for my girls. Being a Mom is hard, there is constant worry and wonder if we're doing enough, but at the end of the day - my babies were fed, warm, comforted, bathed, played with, sang to, and loved. And that's all that really matters. 

When deciding which formula to supplement with, I knew I wanted to research what was out there. I wanted something close to breastmilk, providing the best nutrition for my little ones. And after I stopped nursing around 8/9 months, it was just as important to pick the right brand. When I came across Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula, I was impressed that they not only supported breastfeeding, but they also recognized breastmilk was best and they made their formula to represent that. They support all types of feeding and everyone's journey, and I loved how the brand portrayed that. This video on their home page spoke to me, and the ingredients matched their words and the high quality product they produce. Organic, dual prebiotics, NON GMO, and more. On their website they have support for all types of parents: breastfeeding, supplementing, and formula feeding. 

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  1. It isn't the mom's fault if she does not produce enough milk. My mum used to work as a nurse and could tell some interesting stories. She told me that there where also women, who "leaked" before their child was born, but later they didn't had any milk. And there was a young women with like NO BOOBS who had enough milk for three to four babies ^^ I also had only little milk and started to use formula soon. I heard a lot of good things about Happy Baby products, but I personally prefer Hipp products: click
    They are organic too, and both of my kids like it. Plus we never had problems with belly ache like other mothers.
    best wishes for you and your family!

  2. No mother out there should feel ashamed because of supplementing with formula. I am sure you love your lttle ones more than anything else in thw world. :) I supplemented with formula, too, but used the one from Holle. Its organic, GMO free and so on, too (you can see the ingredients here: myorganicformula.com/Holle-organic/). We did our best to feed our children as good as possible. No reason for shame here. :)