Healthier Products, Happier Mama!

This morning I was laying in bed with my almost 4 year old when I told her I was going to go take a shower before her sister woke up. Hadley quickly replied, "Mom, can I take a shower with you?" If I say yes, I'll have to share the hot water with her (basically her getting to stand in the water while I catch a little on the side) and if I say no, she'll probably have her own waterworks of tears.

"Yes babe, of course you can."

Long gone are the days of long, relaxing showers. Because my showers are usually short and I only wash my hair every few days, I wanted to switch to a product that was not only better for my hair, but also made my quick showers a little more relaxing. When I had the opportunity to try out 
Everyone™, I realized that I can find an aromatherapy product at a friendly price.

  • Great for the whole family
  • Affordable
  • Available at your local Walmart
  • Made with plant based ingredients
  • 100% pure essential oils

The oils in the Balance shampoo + conditioner put me in a more relaxed state, which is a both a great way to start my day or, a great way to end it. I love knowing I'm using something safe for my body that is also a product the whole family can use, so when my daughter follows me in the shower, she can wash her hair just like mama :)

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