Keeping Your Home Stocked with Holiday Essentials

For our family, the holidays involve spending extra time with family and friends. We live close to the majority of our family members, but when our loved ones come in town from out of state, I want our home to be ready for visitors. It's important to stay stocked up on everyday essentials like toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, and paper towel - and having extras on hand ensures that you won't have to make a late night run!

Shopping at Walmart this season is practical for two reasons. The first, they offer free two-day shipping and the second, you can't beat their prices. The convenience of having something delivered in two days is so worth it this holiday season. You can avoid the traffic, busy store, and long lines and enjoy the convenience of ordering right from your phone.

When I picked up some essentials to prepare for my daughter's birthday party this weekend, I used the Walmart app to make sure my location had what I wanted and needed in stock. The app also tells you what surrounding stores have it, and what aisle it's located in. If I'm not using the free two-day shipping or the pick up in store method, I'm glad I can see the details of the location so easily. Something to also think about is the subscription service Walmart offers, which is a great way to save with each purchase and never run out of paper products!

Whether you're ordering online or picking up in-store, both options can have great savings (a definite plus during the holiday season)!

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